Armory Ranges is the Best Nashville Gun Range for Firearms Training Classes

If you want to improve your shooting skills, learn more about firearms, or practice some advanced self-defense skills, Armory Ranges has classes you need. Our classes are for the “I’ve never touched a firearm before” beginner to the everyday carrier to the experienced shooter. You can rent and buy firearms, as well as shop for accessories at both of our stores. Our Nashville gun range in particular offers a long list of firearms courses.

Firearm Training Classes

Shooter education is really our mission, so Armory Ranges offers two locations where firearms enthusiasts can take a range of firearms training classes in safe gun handling, and more. We start with the really basic information, like selecting the right firearm, and go up to one-on-one training and specific techniques for using a handgun in a defensive shooting situation. We also have defensive shooting classes for shotguns and for the AR-15. The Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit class is another one of our in-person offerings at both locations.

Not all of our classes are devoted to firearms, though. If you want to know how to handle and use pepper spray, we have a class for that. If you want to be certified as an armed or unarmed security guard, we have classes for that at our Nashville gun range. We also offer basic medical classes.

Most of our classes are in-person, but we also have some online classes. Our online training classes range from helping you select a firearm to the TN Concealed Carry Class online!

Modern Ranges

Our Nashville gun range is climate controlled and uses air filters to provide a healthy and comfortable environment. The ranges are suitable for pistol, rifle, and shotguns. You can shoot any rifle up to, but not included, the .50 BMG. If you want to try out a certain firearm, we have a range of pistols, rifles, and machine guns available to rent at both Franklin and Nashville locations. The selection varies by location, but our website includes options and pricing for both ranges.

We also sell firearms, ammunition, suppressors, knives, accessories, and apparel. We can also arrange an FFL transfer if the store doesn’t have what you really want. Groups can also rent a meeting space and reserve some of the shooting lanes for an event!

Improve Your Shooting Skills in Nashville and Franklin

If you want to learn more about firearms or improve your shooting skills, Armory Ranges has two locations to serve you. Visit our Franklin Range or The Nashville Armory to practice, take a class, or to purchase firearms, ammunition and accessories.